Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update goes live, includes Overwatch's Genji, Loot Chests and more

Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm, has received continuous updates since its release in 2015, adding new heroes, maps, game modes and more.

Today, the developer has launched Heroes of the Storm 2.0, the game's most significant update to date, revamping many of its systems to give players easier methods of unlocking heroes and items, as well as a new progression system scrapping hero level caps, among other highlights.

Players can now enjoy Genji as the fourth Overwatch hero to land in the game, keeping to its theme of acquiring characters from other Blizzard titles. The ninja arrives alongside a new two-lane map themed after a familiar location of Overwatch, Hanamura.

Another Overwatch character, D'va, is also heading to the MOBA, with her arrival being revealed in the game's new action-packed cinematic trailer, seen above. However, the developer is yet to announce her release date.

Furthermore, the game now gives its players access to three currencies for unlocking heroes and cosmetic items. Two of them, Gold and Shards, are earned by simply playing the game, while Gems require real money to purchase.

Loot Chests containing random cosmetic items are also newly available, arriving in common, rare, epic and legendary qualities. These chests are freely given to players when leveling up, akin to Overwatch, and any duplicate items received from them are converted into Shards for creating other items.

Hopefully, all these changes will lead to a much more rewarding experience for Heroes of the Storm players than before. In addition, players logging into the game before May 22 will receive 100 free Gems to use in buying a 'Mega Bundle' of their choosing, containing 20 heroes.

Those of you who are interested in reading the complete changelog of the update can find it on Blizzard's blog here.

Source: Battle.net

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