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How to quickly lock your Windows PC

Hi, I'm Adam, I'm known as Warwagon on the forums. For the past 19 years, I've been operating my own computer repair business. In doing so, I deal with the average computer user on a day-to-day basis.

Every bit of information I provide for people I do so with the lowest common denominator in mind. It's a common misconception that everyone who joins or browses a tech site is a techie. Some people are just looking for guidance. That is why for some, these tech tips may seem a bit too simplistic but they are educational for others.

windows key L

Did you know there is a keyboard shortcut to lock the computer screen when you step away from your computer?

If you hold down the Win key (key with the flag on it in the bottom left) and press the letter "L" just once, you will be taken to the lock screen. If you press enter on the keyboard or tap the mouse button you will be prompted for your Windows PIN or password - the same PIN or password you use to log into the computer when you restart your computer.

Widnows lock screen

This prevents someone from accessing your computer when you step away from it, should that be a concern.

If you do not have a password set up on your computer, then you will simply be prompted to click sign in.

add windows password

If you currently do not have a password on your windows machine but wish to set one up, here is how you do it

  • Click on the Start button
  • Type "Settings" in the Search and open it
  • Navigate to "Accounts"
  • Click on "Password" in Sign-in options
  • Click Add

Once you create a password, you will have to enter it every time your computer restarts. So I would highly recommend either memorizing it or keeping it safe in a password manager so that you don't forget it.

Happy Computing!

If you learned something today, great! If not, maybe share your own tech tip in the comments below!

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