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HP Falcon smartphone is real, said to debut at MWC 2016

Image: MonWindowsPhone

It was only a couple weeks ago when we caught wind of a mysterious smartphone device running Windows 10 Mobile. Code-named the "HP Falcon", the device sported some impressive hardware but only existed as a benchmark product. Now, German tech news group Dr. Windows claims to have the inside scoop on this "Falcon" device and when it could be revealed.

Assuming the source is correct, the "HP Falcon" is actually made by Hewlett-Packard and will be a business-oriented device. The Falcon would be the first smartphone to run Windows 10 Mobile that doesn't carry the Lumia branding and is said to be unveiled at the 2016 Mobile World Congress event. If you're unfamiliar with this emerging device, below is the spec listing that passed through GFXbench.

Perhaps the most-intriguing aspect of this device is the inclusion of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU, a chip that outperforms the Snapdragon 808 found on the recently-released Lumia 950/950 XL. The Snapdragon 820 would allow the Falcon to power Microsoft's Continuum feature within Windows 10 Mobile better than other W10M devices, making it a better solution for compact mobile computing overall.

Dr. Windows also states that, while this device in-fact exists and is in testing, there's a chance that HP could abandon it entirely. Given that Windows 10 Mobile is in its infancy and Windows smartphone marketshare has declined worldwide in 2015, HP deciding to put the Falcon on ice wouldn't be surprising. Still, those that wish to consolidate laptop and smartphone devices will probably be intrigued to hear what the HP Falcon can do. We'll have to wait for late February to find out if the HP Falcon makes its debut or not.

Source: Dr. Windows

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