HP refunding people who previously purchased TouchPads

The HP TouchPad has become one of the biggest failures in the tech industry in the past few years. The company hyped up its webOS based tablet with a massive marketing campaign since it was launched on July 1. However poor reviews and sales made HP pull the plug on selling the TouchPad and all webOS based devices a few days ago. Now the company is selling the remaining stock of TouchPads at fire sale prices.

But what about those folks who already bought the TouchPad before HP decided to stop making it? According to WebOSCentral.com, people who purchased the TouchPad before HP's decision to drastically cut its price could get a credit on the difference or even a full refund. The story claims that in order to get that credit you will have to call HP’s Home and Office phone service. If you are willing to be put on hold for a little while you can ask and HP will honor your request for either credit option. HP will even give you an additional $10 credit for the fire sale difference to compensate you for your local sales tax. HP is also supposedly sending out a memo to retailers asking them to also honor the new credit plan.

In related news, Best Buy has confirmed via News.com that it is selling its remaining stock of HP TouchPads for the same price that HP is selling the tablet: $100 for the 16 GB version and $150 for the 32 GB version.

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