IE11 can have 100 tabs open without decimating your battery life

While the preview version of Windows 8.1 has gotten a lot of attention lately, there hasn't been as much media coverage of the included preview version of Internet Explorer 11. This week, Microsoft posted up a new blog entry, along with two new videos, that show off some of the new features in IE11.

The blog post, and the video above. show that IE11 on Windows 8.1 can support up to 100 open tabs at once. Microsoft says that having all of these tabs open won't take up a lot of system resources or, for notebook or tablet users, battery life. If users want to see their tabs and address bars on screen all the time, they can do so by enabling the "Always show address bar and tabs” option in Settings.

Another video shows how IE11 has been optimized to bring up web sites that their users want to quickly access. If a person types in a URL, they quickly see a list of suggested websites. Microsoft states:

These suggestions can include matching sites, deep links to various sections of sites, and even related app suggestions from the Windows Store. You can also get instant answers for the weather in your area or see the latest stock quotes by typing a stock’s ticker symbol. IE11’s relevant suggestions experience helps you go where you want, fast.

Clicking or tapping on the star button in IE11 brings up a user's favorite websites, which has been designed to use the same folders on the desktop version of IE. Users can also view two windows of IE11 side by side in Windows 8.1. The browser windows also automatically changes to a side-by-side view if you click on an email address to bring up the Mail app or launching an article from the new Reading List app.

Source: Microsoft

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