If only Samsung paid Apple their $1bn fine through 30 trucks of 5 cent coins

Somehow, a story has been taken seriously by some people which reports that Samsung paid Apple their entire $1.05 billion fine through 30 truck loads of five-cent coins. PaperBlog first legitimately reported this as a story, claiming that because Samsung can pay Apple the enormous fine however they see fit, they chose to troll Apple via a huge burden of coins.

Take that, Apple!

It's a damn shame that this story isn't true, in fact it originates from popular meme website 9gag, because naturally it would be hilarious if Samsung actually sent 21 billion coins to Apple. That is 105 million kilograms of copper and nickel - so much metal that it would take more American nickels than there are actually in circulation.

Unfortunately if Samsung ever gets around to paying the $1bn fine - after all we know this will be appealed into oblivion - it'll probably be through a boring wire transfer. Samsung, we challenge you to come up with a clever way to burden Apple with the fine; if you have any suggestions for Samsung, please leave them in the comments below.

Source: International Business Times
Hand scooping coins image via Shutterstock

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