Inside the AMD Athlon 64 microprocessor

Thanks Toxicfume for this old but very interesting article on the then dubbed AMD Hammer microprocessor. If you don't understand the hype on 64-bit computing this article goes a long way to explain it and is well worth the read.

AMD's new Hammer processor is expected to be the world's fastest 32-bits processor and make serious competition to Intel's Itanium. Unlike other 64-bit microprocessor architectures, "Hammer"´s is specifically designed to allow migration from 32-bit to 64-bit code while providing performance for both. AMD's Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer Fred Weber held a presentation of the upcoming Hammer processors at Microprocessor Forum where he revealed several details concerning the Hammer-series. Here you can see a transcript of Weber´s presentation.
View: AMD's Next Generation Microprocessor Architecture Transcript by Fred Weberrom (Oct 2001)

News source: Info Satelite

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