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Insiders can try a new microphone utility in the latest Windows 11 build

A microphone on a stand

Windows 11 build 26052, which is currently the most recent release in the Dev and Canary Channels, adds a new microphone utility that makes it easier for you to test your microphone.

Besides offering a quick and modern UI for testing hardware, the new test utility lets you hear how your microphone sounds in communication and regular apps. In addition, some audio devices have extra audio effects in their drivers, so you can test those as well before joining a Teams or Zoom meeting.

How to test a microphone in Windows 11 build 26052 and newer?

  1. The new microphone test utility is available in Settings > System > Sound.
  2. There may be several microphones (a built-in array and an external mic, for example), so select the one you want to try.
  3. Scroll down to the "Microphone test" section and select your test mode.
  4. Click "Start test," say something nice to your computer, and click "Stop test."The new microphone test utility in Windows 11
  5. Now you can play the recorded bit by clicking the "Play" button next to the "Recorded sample" option.

The new settings section is for testing purposes only, so you will have to change your microphone options in the corresponding settings section or its dedicated app if necessary.

In case you missed it, one of the earlier Windows 11 preview builds brought the Voice Clarity feature to all users. It is no longer Surface-exclusive, which means you can benefit from improved audio and better background noise suppression on systems with "traditional" x86 processors from Intel and AMD. Microsoft says Voice Clarity uses low-complexity AI models, and it works automatically in the background in apps that utilize the Communications Signal Processing Mode.

With the new microphone test utility, you can try Voice Clarity in action without using Teams, Zoom, or similar apps.

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