Intel CEO slams Windows 8 ARM-based devices

Microsoft made history at CES 2011 when it announced that the next version of Windows would have versions that would run not just on x86-based processors but also chips that were based on designs from ARM. Since then ARM-based companies like Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA have all announced that their chips will be running inside Windows 8 devices.

Now Intel is fighting back against the Windows 8 ARM (also known as Windows RT) trend. reports that in Intel's annual investors conference today, its CEO Paul Otellini says that Windows RT-based machines "have a big uphill fight" when it comes to gaining market share, especially when it comes to business users.

Part of the problem, according to Otellini, is that x86 versions of Windows 8 legacy software apps can't run natively on Windows RT, whereas older Windows programs will still be able to run on Windows 8 on its legacy (or desktop) mode. Otellini stated, "With one button you can get to legacy mode...this is critically important for CIOs who want to preserve all of their investments in software. We have the advantage of the incumbency, advantage of the legacy support. Not just in terms of applications but devices."

Otellini even gave a live demo of Windows 8 running on an Intel PC, showing with one button how users can switch from Windows 8 Metro to the desktop mode.

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