Intel confirms 1.70GHz Centrino speed rise

CHIP GIANT Intel confirmed today that it has introduced a Pentium M for the Centrino family which operates at 1.70GHz. We first revealed the launch of a 1.70GHz Pentium nearly a year ago, in July 2002. Intel also confirmed our earlier stories of a low voltage Pentium M running at 1.20GHz and an ultra low voltage Pentium M at 1GHz.

The firm said that later this month it will fix its networking software to provide support for virtual private networks. Intel claims there are now 58 notebooks using Intel Centrino and it boasted that will rise to 125 by the end of the year. It estimates that there are now 14,000 hotspots worldwide for "wi-fi" Wireless LANs.

The firm said the 1.70GHz Pentium M will cost $694, the 1.20GHz LV unit $341 and the 1GHz ULV chip $319. These prices are slightly higher than we expected. Our prices must be the ones the manufacturers and not the distributors pay.

News source: The Inq

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