Intel delays first TV chip

Chip giant Intel announced that its inexpensive chips for televisions won't be coming out this year as previously planned. Instead Intel is reworking the chip to make it cheaper and to improve the overall performance for a later commercial release date.

Back at the January Consumer Electronic Show, Paul Otellini announced that Intel was making an inexpensive chip for television. The chip code-named Cayley would allow TV manufactures to significantly reduce the cost of large-screen project televisions. The reason for the delay is still somewhat foggy, but Intel has said that it wasn't pleased with the overall results of Cayley. In order to deliver on its promise a delay was necessary for both performance and cost. This comes as disappointing news for tech savvy junkies who where waiting for this chip to bring down television prices, but waiting another year can't hurt.

These delays from Intel are only hurting the tech giant, allowing other manufactures the time needed to get their products out the door first (excluding Intel's Cayley chip). Still I'd rather have a high quality product, than something that was rushed out the door to compete wit its competitors (cough Pentium Extreme Edition). It will be interesting to see what changes Intel's television chip will bring to the market, but until then television manufactures will have to hold out a little longer to offer cheaper televisions.

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