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Intel is rebooting Apple's Mac vs PC ads with the "I'm a Mac" guy

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Back in the day, Apple had a campaign called Mac vs PC, which included Justin Long as the Mac, and John Hodgman as the PC. These advertisements would always include the Mac politely mocking the PC for some shortcoming or another.

Obviously, the campaign ended long ago, but it's one of the more memorable advertisements that Apple has done in modern years. Well now, it's back, but this time, it's coming from Intel. Justin Long is back, but instead of reprising his role as a Mac (presumably, Apple has trademarks on Mac vs PC), he comes on with the familiar, "Hello, I'm a", and then followed by a pause, he says, "Justin. Just a real person."

There are five ads in total, and they cover the areas that are Intel's strengths. Indeed, this is all part of a broader push to fight back against Apple's new custom ARM silicon Macs. The first ad shows all of the different choices and form factors that you'll find in the Windows ecosystem, the second one focuses on touchscreens, the third is about 2-in-1s, the fourth is about gaming, and the fifth, of course, is about the ability to connect more than one external monitor to an Intel PC.

Back in June, Apple announced that it's going to move its entire lineup away from Intel to its own ARM processors. It's the third time that the Cupertino firm has made such a shift in its history, the other two being when it transitioned to Intel, and before that, when it transitioned to PowerPC. Apple's M1 processors have been received well, and Intel is pushing back. Note that there are no ads in the series that focus on performance, but Intel's message is that performance isn't all there is.

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