Intel releases Prescott, Springdale materials

OEMS HAVE RECEIVED detailed specifications of the Prescott microprocessor which Intel will release next year, along with details of Springdale, the chipset which comes in two brands and which will support the product.

Materials, or collateral as Intel calls it, include the Springdale chipset design guide, a P4 in the 478 pin package/Prescott processor and Springdale chipset trace length caclulator, and Springdale MCH/ICH5 symbols and reference schematics. The material also includes files on the Springdale chipset customer reference board (CRB) schematic, layout, and drop in core package files, and details of the Innoveda PowerPCB.

Intel will say little about the Prescott to people like us, apart from the fact it will be launched in the second half of next year and be built on a 90 nanometer process. It is a successor to the Pentium 4 architecture and is build on the same Netbust architecture

News source: The Inquirer

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