Intel Talks About Prescott, Tejas Cooling

Intel's NetBurst microprocessor have always been consuming a lot of power and dissipating a lot of heat. Every new speed-grade of such CPUs requires some changes to their cooling systems making them larger and louder. Next year Intel will unveil extremely fast microprocessors that will be hot as never, simply remember about presumed Prescott 3.40GHz power consumption of 100W. How will the company cool such monster chips down? During the IDF Fall 2003 the gian unveiled some details in regards its future coolers. Thank God, we will not have to use water or any other too advanced cooling technologies.

Apparently, Intel developed a rather simple, but still genial air-cooling system together with AVC, a well-known cooler manufacturer. Heat-sink of the future will not only be round with semicircular fins, but will feature bifurcated fins! As a result, the total area of the heat-sink increases dramatically allowing to dissipate more heat than conventional coolers are able to while retaining a not very large diameter. The solution will have a special copper core inside the aluminum heat-sink in order to provide the lowest possible thermal resistance for the core of Intel Prescott or Intel Tejas processors.

News source: X-bit labs

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