InXile shows off Wasteland 3, coming Spring 2020

Joining all of the other Xbox Game Studios outfits with announcements, InXile Entertainment decided to showcase a trailer for its upcoming title, Wasteland 3.

The party-based RPG will feature a player vehicle, environmental dangers, a revamped action system, and the ability to play in story-driven synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer. As a result of this, missions and areas to explore open up or close off depending on the choices you make during play.

Set in the "savage lands" of a frozen Colorado, Wasteland 3 claims to create scenarios where "survival is difficult, and a happy outcome is never guaranteed", as it weaves its story thanks to the same writers from Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Backers on Fig will get to play an alpha of the game in August if they pledged for the First Access or higher tiers. InXlie will also be present at gamescom 2019 at the Deep Silver booth, though of course, backers will not need to travel to Cologne to get their hands on the title. The beta version will be made available late Fall to all backers except those in the Correspondent tier.

Even though previous pre-release tests have been conducted on Steam, one's participation in such tests on Valve's platform does not preclude that person from choosing a key for a different platform, like GOG.

Wasteland 3 is shooting for a Spring 2020 release, with the title arriving on both Xbox One and PC, and being made available via Game Pass on launch.

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