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iPhone 4 issues begin mounting up prior to launch

Apple's latest gadget, the iPhone 4, is due to go on sale on Thursday, but early adopters are reporting display discolourisation bands or spots and major reception issues.

Gadget blog Gizmodo has two stories regarding early issues. The first is that some iPhone 4 Displays have yellow discoloration bands and spots across their screens. Gizmodo says it has 27 reports so far.

Image Credit: Gizmodo.com

The second issue seems far more widespread and appears to be a major glitch. Multiple reports suggest that the new iPhone 4 loses reception when you hold it by the antenna band. Several videos have popped up across the net explaining the issue and it appears that if you hold the device, as soon as you connect the left side with the bottom, that's when reception starts to drop. The issue appears to be widespread with most early adopters able to reproduce the problem.

According to Engadget, Walt Mossberg's spotted the issue in his review. Apple has acknowledged the issue as something that has to do with "the way the bars are presented, not the actual ability to make a call," and that the company is working on a fix. Some readers suggest this could also be an issue across iOS4 and affects iPhone 3G and 3GS devices too. Another video shows how it affects a 3G device and many others are reporting similar issues on the 3GS.

There has been no official word from Apple on these findings but with the official launch of iPhone 4 only hours away there's bound to be a lot of noise shortly.

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