iZeit 1.9

iZeit is an easy to use online PHP calendar. Unlike other online calendars such as Google or 30Boxes, iZeit runs on your own server, so it's totally customizable. The development team is constantly looking for suggestions for future versions of the calendar, so if you think of something not yet implemented, let us know!

Main Features

  • Blog integration for easy inclusion on your own pages.
  • Categories for different events.
  • Multiple users with their own login and password.
  • Popup information shown when you mouse over an event.
  • No database needed!
  • Customisable views and filters, to show items occurring on the same day, week, month or year.
  • Support for recurring events.
  • Export to iCal format.
  • Simple, user friendly control panel to make customization and management easy.

  • Added Spanish translation (RaVex.
  • Added Italian translation (Mauro).
  • Added Czech translation (Jan Janoušek)
  • Added new theme - Caustic by Maggie Wang.
  • Added long version of dates for other languages.
  • Added a link to add an event to every day. Clicking the link will open the event manager on the selected day.
  • Added attendees field. Invitations for events can now be sent to a list of email addresses.
  • Added option to link event venue to Google Maps.
  • Added option to show customise link. This can now be easily turned off if iZeit is being used on a professional site.
  • Removed 'Everyone' in list of users when restoring a backup.
  • Linked all event titles to a detailed view of that event.
  • Fixed layout bug in week view with Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed all day event bug in week view.
  • Restructured all functions to make users and events object oriented.
  • Changed default encoding on PHP4 to fix a PHP bug. Unicode characters may cause problems with PHP4, but will still work as expected on PHP5.
  • Changed buttons so text does not wrap with longer languages.
  • Changed events list view so the event description pops up when hovering over the event name, not the whole name column.
  • Changed page titles on view and edit event pages.
  • Usernames are no longer case-sensitive.
Download: iZeit 1.9 (Freeware)
Screenshot: >> Click here
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