Kickstarter's fundraising could top $300 million in 2012

It's been an incredible year so far for Kickstarter. The crowd funding website never had a project that raised over $1 million in 2011 but so far it has seen several such campaigns blow past that amount. That includes the most recent fund raising project to reach this goal, the interactive wristwatch Pebble, which has now raised a whopping $5.5 million with 28 more days to go in its campaign.

So how much will all of Kickstarter's projects raise in 2012? VentureBeat has done some number crunching and, based on the successful Kickstarter fund raising campaigns this year, it projects that the site could help fund $300 million in projects in 2012. If that happens, it would be triple the number that the site raised in 2011.

Of course, the more money that the successful projects raise on Kickstarter, the more money Kickstarter itself gets. The company gets a five percent cut of any money from a project that reaches its fund raising goal. If VentureBeat's predictions are correct, that means Kickstarter could generate $15 million in revenue this year.

If Pebble's fund raising amount were to suddenly stop right now, Kickstarter would get about $275,000 just from that one project.

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