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Latest Chrome 5 beta is 35% faster, sports new HTML5 features

Google today pumped out a new beta of their Chrome browser that packs in quite a few enhancements for users to test. The Chrome team claims that in addition to 30-35% faster performance in the V8 and SunSpider javascript benchmarks, the beta sports several new HTML5 additions and an integrated Flash Player that auto-updates. 

Chrome initially shipped with its speedy V8 javascript engine that fiercely ignited the browser javascript engine wars. The team has outlined how the engine has improved by as much as 305% since the first beta was released.

In addition to the speed improvements, many new features have been added to today's beta release. After adding bookmark syncing in November 2009, Chrome now has the ability to sync browser preferences such as themes, homepage/startup settings, web content settings, and languages. Chrome extensions have also been enabled for use when in Chrome's private browsing mode: incognito mode

In addition to the integrated Flash Player which can now automatically update using Chrome's auto-update system, users should also welcome the addition of several new HTML5 features in the beta:

The new Chrome beta is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The Chrome team also released a sneak peak at some new browser speed tests that they'll be unveiling soon.

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