Latest Edge Dev update brings tab group pinning, video ad blocker on Android, and many fixes

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Those using preview versions of Microsoft's browser in the Dev Channel will have plenty of things to test this week. The latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev brings several new features to desktops and Android, plus a massive list of various fixes and improvements.

New features in Microsoft Edge Dev 112.0.1722.7 include the ability to pin tab groups, automatic name suggestions for groups (English is the only supported language), and an improved ad blocker on Android, which now works with a long press on videos. The release notes also remind customers about the recently launched video upscaler, which can sharpen blurry low-res videos on devices with hardware that meets specific requirements.

What is new in Edge Dev 112.0.1722.7?

New features:

  • Added Pin tab group feature to persist tab group between browser sessions.
  • Added automatic profile switching when clicking on a Workspace join link.
  • Added auto name suggestion on Tab Group (English only right now).
  • Added Video Smart Explorer.


  • Ad blocker now works on videos with a long press.


  • Added experimental Custom Data Partition API.
  • Added experimental CookieManager API.
  • Added experimental Profile.Delete API.
  • Added Experimental Launching External URI Scheme API.


  • New policy: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
    • Added policy to disable Read Aloud on Android.
    • Added policy to disable the Translate button in the Immersive Reader on Android.
    • Added policy to disable Drop on Mobile.
    • Added policy to disable the browser developer options on Android.
    • Added policy to disable Read Aloud on iOS.
    • Added policy to disable Translate on iOS.

Reliability improvements:

  • Fixed browser crash related to Math Solver.
  • Fixed browser crash when closing the Sidebar Pane.
  • Fixed browser crash when using the Search Sidebar in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed browser crash when adding a site to the Sidebar from Top sites.
  • Fixed browser crash when sending feedback.
  • Fixed browser crash due to certain rendered images.
  • Fixed browser crash when using Search from Mini Menu.
  • Fixed browser crash when moving a favorite to another folder.


  • Fixed browser crash related to Sidebar.


  • Fixed browser crash when launching it on iPad.
  • Fixed browser crash related to Adblock.


  • Fixed browser crash when adding a new tab in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed browser crash when tapping on the Read Aloud button on certain devices.
  • Fixed browser crash when closing InPrivate tab in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed browser crash when opening tabs on Microsoft Duo.
  • Fixed browser crash when downloading files to external storage.


  • Fixed browser crash when visiting with MSA profile on Android.
  • Fixed browser crash on Android when updating managed favorites.
  • Fixed browser crash related to managed favorites on iOS.
  • Fixed browser crash related to AutomaticHttpsDefault policy.

Other changes:

  • Fixed media playback issue on Windows ARM devices.
  • Fixed Restore window from Workspace not restoring recently closed Workspace window.
  • Fixed favorites not working after selecting Move all tabs to a new workspace option.
  • Fixed website opening twice from Collection when using the middle mouse button.
  • Fixed Couldn’t load plugin error message when Always download PDF files enabled.
  • Fixed blank Favorites Bar when switched from Always to Only on new tabs.
  • Fixed displaying Restart Workspace dialog when opening a particular Workspace.
  • Fixed icons on Sidebar not loading.
  • Fixed files in the User Data folder taking up storage space.
  • Fixed Collection not displaying thumbnails.
  • Fixed export favorites not working correctly.


  • Fixed blank System & Performance setting page.
  • Fixed Search in Settings not displaying results.
  • Fixed not being able to click in the upper right corner area of a webpage after closing a Sidebar pane.


  • Fixed unable to send files via Drop from iOS Share.
  • Fixed Read Aloud not working in Immersive Reader.


  • Fixed the number on the tab icon not displaying correctly in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed custom wallpaper is not fully cover on the New Tab Page on Android tablets.
  • Fixed the Done button not working in Tabs page.
  • Fixed Read Aloud toolbar missing after changing the Appearance setting.
  • WebView2:
  • Fixed ExecuteScripts on HostObject not returning results (#2977)
  • Fixed cannot publish a UWP app in the Microsoft Store (#2901)
  • Fixed PrintToPdfAsync does not create any content for a PDF page. (#1938)
  • Fixed PrintAsync prints blank page (#3007)
  • Fixed background requests (#2671)
  • Fixed custom schemes not working for post requests. (#1825)
  • SmartScreen API has now been promoted from the experimental stage to public. (#834)


  • Fixed lost favorites sync issue with Intune MDM enrolled Android devices.
  • Fixed the "We've encountered an issue verifying your account" issue on iOS.
  • Improved timing on receiving the latest App Proxy configuration on iOS.
  • Fixed slow loading on macOS.
  • Fixed ICS file displays raw text when clicking add to Calendar on iOS when MAM is applied.
  • Fixed Automatically save passwords setting UI not grayed out when PasswordManagerEnbaled policy is set to disable.

You can download Microsoft Edge Dev from the official Edge Insider website. According to Microsoft's official release schedule, the company plans to push version 112 to the Stable Channel on the week of April 6, 2023. Meanwhile, users can learn about the changes in the recently released Microsoft Edge 111.

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