Lawbreakers failing to appeal to gamers due to the creator's polarising personality

Lawbreakers recently launched on PlayStation 4 and PC and received a rather tepid reception from the overall gaming community. According to several reports, the game hasn't set the world on fire based on Steam Statistics, with it falling below 1,000 concurrent players shortly after launch. This has been further exacerbated by the fact that the creator Cliff Bleszinski is not exactly - in his own words - receptive towards to the gaming community, potentially harming the game.

During an interview with Eurogamer, the creator spoke about where the game is headed, and what he felt the reasons were for the poor uptake. He mostly took the blame upon himself, and said that the developer should focus more on the core demographics for the game:

"Yeah, that’s possible. I’ve had a very polarizing personality through the majority of the frickin’ 25 years I’ve been doing this. [...] You also have an entire generation of 15-year-old kids who don’t know who I am, nor do they give a shit – they’re more excited about their favorite Twitch streamer or YouTuber, which we’ve recognized in regards to appealing to that crowd, and building relationships with them, occasionally finding the ones that are not fans of us and throwing a bit of money at them to see if they want to give it a go to kind of help raise awareness and get the word out. [...]"

In an analysis by Eurogamer recently, it was found that the game suffered from excessive stuttering mainly due to the inadequate networking infrastructure behind it. According to the report, whenever a user changed their class in the game, it would freeze for a second and continue on. This caused a jarring gameplay experience, which mainly affected players on PlayStation. The developer was working on fixing this issue, at that point in time; and Bleszinski commented on this during the interview:

[...] We're alert to the issue - in a world where there's any issue with your game you're going to hear about it on Twitter, on Reddit, and I'd rather have people yell at me on my own personal feed rather than not saying anything at all.

Lawbreakers is a first-person shooting game that received a lot of comparisons to Unreal Tournament. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and according to the developer, gamers on Xbox One should 'sit tight'.

Source: Eurogamer

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