Leaked Google OS Screenshots?

Screenshots have surfaced of the suspected Google Chrome OS, without any reliable source or confirmation to back up the claims.

The six leaked screenshots show what could possibly be the very first images of the new developer's beta operating system. The beta is labeled 0.1.15 in one of the screenshots, presently in the early stages of the operating system.

If proven real, the screenshots indicate a Mac OS X spin on things from Google, showing a dock in the images, rather than having a taskbar like Microsoft Windows does. The dock appears to show a built in desktop search or web search function including a quick launch of Google Chrome Browser, Gmail, RRS feeds, Google Maps, a calendar, YouTube and one other unidentified icon – possibly a text editor.

The only thing that is for sure is that Google is working on an operating system, with an undetermined release date for any public beta. If the screenshots are real, the outlook of what Google is challenging to do looks promising as we wait for more news and screenshots of the operating system.

(Images courtesy of: mashable.com)

Thanks to ilovetech for the submission.

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