LG's Internet fridge set for US debut

LG IS PREPARING to ship its Internet fridge to the US in the hope that the titanium-finished cooler with built-in LCD screen and webcam will woo affluent consumers.

LG reckons the refrigerator is the focal point of many homes. It's "the first place to go in the morning, the last place at night," said Daniel Lee, the US marketing and communications director for LG Appliances, who reckons the Internet fridge will become the 'hub of the home'.

The fridge is designed to be wired up to a high-speed Internet connection although the days of it being able to order the groceries based on what's been added and removed from its shelves aren't here yet. LG says today's bar codes aren't up to the job, so you'll have to keep the gadget up to date manually, the newsagency AFP says.

The fridge met with a frosty reception in the UK, South Korea and Mexico, but LG hopes fat-walletted Americans will fork out close to $8000 for the gadget

News source: The Inq

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