Listing shows evidence for an upcoming 5-inch Windows Phone from Samsung

It's been a while since Samsung has released a new Windows Phone, and in December rumors of a upcoming smartphone with the "SM-W750V" model number started to pop up on the Internet. Today, there's some new evidence that the SM-W750V might be a real product.

The Bluetooth SIG group, which approves all devices that use the wireless protocol, has now listed the SM-W750V from Samsung as coming to the North American market. The other bit of info comes from Samsung itself; it has posted a partial page on its mobile website that, when you look inside the code, shows that this same phone has a 1080x1920 display, along with LTE support and, most importantly, Internet Explorer.

It's the mention of IE that would seem to confirm that SM-W750V is part of the Samsung Windows Phone lineup, and the fact that it has an 1080x1920 screen indicates that the display could be around 5 inches. All of this evidence is pointing towards Samsung releasing a new, and rather high end Windows Phone device in the very near future. Now all we need is some leaked images to show the smartphone is a real product.

Source: Bluetooth SIG and Samsung via PhoneArena | Image via Bluetooth SIG

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