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Little things mean a lot for Gates

LAS VEGAS--Microsoft's latest plan to improve the way you live revolves around wristwatches and refrigerator magnets.

Slicked up versions of those common objects--based on Microsoft's previously announced Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT)--were the highlights of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates' opening keynote address Wednesday night at the Consumer Electronics Show here.

Playing more of a greatest-hits show than usual, Gates mostly offered updates on previously announced technology centered on a buy-now familiar theme of a fully networked home display screen everywhere you can imagine.

The only notable new arrival in Gates' talk was Media2Go, a new portable multimedia gadget design being developed by Microsoft and Intel. Media2Go devices will have a 4-inch screen, hard drive and basic controls for viewing photos and TV programming downloaded from a PC and listening to digital music. Early manufacturing partners include Sanyo, Samsung and Viewsonic.

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News source: c|net

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