Little Town Hero is a new RPG from the developers of Pokémon

In last year's Nintendo Direct for September, Nintendo talked about a game from Game Freak, which develops the main series of Pokémon title. Known simply as Town at the time, not much information was given, and nothing has been heard from the company since.

It seems the title has been moving along nicely, though, as today Nintendo revealed that the game is releasing in just over a month, on October 16. The official name for the game will be Little Town Hero, and it focuses on the story of a town which has been living peacefully for years, though inhabitants are told to never leave the town. One day, monsters suddenly invade the peaceful place and a bow named Axe steps up to the challenge of driving them away.

During battle, players can not only perform their own actions and attacks, but they can also move around the town, enlisting the help of different inhabitants as needed. Using this capability and strategizing around it will be crucial to win battles.

Just like Pokémon games, Little Town Hero looks very cartoonish and isn't exactly pushing any boundaries in terms of graphical prowess. On the audio side, though, most of the soundtrack was composed by Undertale creator, Toby Fox. As mentioned above, the game will launch on October 16, but you'll be able to pre-purchase it on the eShop later today.

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