Live vicariously through this Fluent Design concept for Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is dead. If you were so in love with the platform that you just can't process its loss, artist Marko Malinović's Fluent Design concept for the mobile OS may be just the eulogy you need to finally let go.

If the platform's relative unpopularity compared to Android and iOS hadn't resigned it to an early death, Microsoft would have presumably revamped its UI in line with the new Fluent Design language it recently unveiled for Windows 10. Malinović's concept shows what such a redesign could have looked like.

Alongside some obvious changes to the Start Screen, with a heavy emphasis on transparency effects à la Acrylic, the concept also brings many of the modern trends in UI design such as grouped notifications and dynamic widget in the Action Center to Microsoft's OS.

Malinović even took the time to envision the implementation of Force Touch, as it would have looked like if Project McLaren hadn't been cancelled years ago.

More than just being pretty, Malinović's ideas stay relatively true to what we've already seen from Microsoft on the desktop. The budding artist also does an excellent job at explaining the tiny details behind his choices, and it's well worth taking a look at his Behance page where he goes over the various aspects of the OS, and how Fluent Design would have changed them for the better.

Source and image credit: Marco Malinovic via Windows Central

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