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Location feature the culprit of iPhone 4S battery drain

If you own an iPhone 4S and have seen your battery drain much faster than normal on the device, you are not alone. It seems that there are a lot of complaints from owners about the battery life of the new smartphone from Apple. The Guardian web site has posted up a possible explanation of this mysterious issue.

The fault may lie in a (so far) unconfirmed software bug in the "Setting Time Zone" option of the phone's Location Services settings . If a person with the iPhone 4S travels to a different time zone, the "Setting Time Zone" section, when turned on, goes into action to change the time on the phone via a location server. But it seems that the time zone option is still running on some iPhone 4S devices. That could mean that the location server is being pinged even when the phone hasn't moved to a new time zone.

In short, this possible bug, when combined with the iPhone 4S's wireless location features, could drain the phone's battery much faster than normal. While Apple has yet to comment officially, it seems like the company's is contacting some iPhone 4S users to investigate this issue.

Battery life on any smartphone is always a big concern as more and more people not only own them but use them constantly. For many, one of the iPhone's biggest flaws is that its battery is not removable; there's a cottage industry of third party companies who create battery extenders for the iPhone and after this issue some iPhone 4S users are certainly thinking about getting one.

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