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Lots of folks trading in old iPhones ahead of iPhone 5 launch

When the iPhone 4S launched in October 2011, many people who had already bought an iPhone 4 decided not to jump in and buy the new version of Apple's iOS smartphone. Basically, they felt that the iPhone 4S wasn't as much of an evolution in terms of the hardware compared to earlier versions.

Now, it looks like all those rumors of a redesign for the iPhone 5, including a larger screen and possible LTE support, is finally giving people an excuse to ditch the iPhone 4. USA Today reports that online electronics price quote company NextWorth has seen lots of people checking out quotes for their older iPhones in hopes of trading them in for a new iPhone 5.

According to NextWorth, the number of quotes created by old iPhone owners on their website went up a whopping 610 percent from August 17th to September 6th, compared to the same three weeks before the launch of the iPhone 4S in October. About half of those iPhone trades are for the iPhone 4, but 20 percent are for the newer iPhone 4S.

Yet another online electronics product quote site, Gazelle, also reports higher than normal activity from iPhone owners in the past few weeks but specifics were not announced. However, it definitely feels there is going to be a large demand for the iPhone 5 from older iPhone owners.

Source: USA Today | Image via Apple

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