Lots of news apps make their Windows 8 debut

If you have a Windows 8 or Windows RT device, you shouldn't have much of an excuse in keeping up with the latest news. This week, on the eve of the launch of Windows 8, a large number of major news organizations have had their Windows 8 apps launched via the Windows Store.

While both of these newspapers are based in New York, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are considered global news organizations. Windows 8 owners can now download free apps for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal in the Windows Store. While the free versions have some content available for everyone, subscribers to both newspapers will get all of the content available for these apps.

TV news organizations are also popping up in the Windows Store this week. You can now download free apps from ABC News, Fox News and Fox Business for Windows 8. All three apps have free text and video articles from each network.

ABC has also added two more non-news Windows 8 apps to the Windows Store. The ABC Family app has information and video from the cable TV network and the ABC Player app gives users access to free full streaming episodes of the network's scripted dramas and comedies.

Via: McAkins Online
Source: Microsoft Store | Image via New York Times

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