Lumia 920 image stabilization shown off on new video

The Lumia 820 and 920 both received warm receptions when they were debuted on September 5th, but in the hours that followed it turned out that images, both video stills and motion video, claiming to be from the device were in fact taken using other camera hardware.

Red faced, Nokia launched an internal investigation into the gaff and took “appropriate action” which has not been clarified, but we can only assume demotion or firing of the person(s) responsible.

Well now, a Russian video from YouTube has shown someone testing the optical image stabilization (OIS) functionality in the 920 against a Galaxy SIII.

By strapping both devices to a radio controlled car, both record the same footage. It may be a quirky way of testing, but it shows off just what OIS is capable of. You only need to see that the footage on the Nokia is much smoother and less jittery than the same footage on the SIII.

The only issue with this test is the person didn’t play back the video on both devices at the same time, but this is a minor sticking point as the footage speaks for itself.

Source: YouTube | Thanks to onedrummer2401 for the tip!

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