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Macromedia to track Flash usage

Software developer Macromedia has signed a deal with WebSideStory, a Web site analytics company, to offer site developers a custom tool to track consumer interaction with sites built in Flash.

Flash, an easy-to-use animation tool made by Macromedia, is one of the most widely used development applications for Web sites, advertisements and games, claiming such clients as Nike, MSNBC and Virgin Records.

The deal allows Web developers to use WebSideStory's HitBox Professional tool to monitor how often sites build in Flash and Macromedia's Dreamweaver tool are viewed, as well as how visitors interact with content and ads in real time.

"With HitBox Professional, we can now easily determine how visitors were navigating our site and responding to Macromedia Flash content," said Neil Balthaser, chairman and CEO for Balthaser.com, a leading provider of next-generation, animated Web design services. "With this information so easily accessible, we can better refine our marketing strategy. We plan on offering HitBox Professional as a value-added service to our customers so that they can measure response to Web offerings."

News source: CNet News

View: MacroMedia Press Release - Real-time tracking available for MacroMedia Flash

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