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Massive leaked Intel intellectual property, close to 20GB in size, posted to the web

A leaker has posted a repository link to Twitter that contains up to 20GB of Intel’s intellectual property (IP) including source code, processor generation documentation, and more. The breach was reportedly made earlier this year by an anonymous source and the hacker has termed the dump an “Intel exconfidential Lake Platform Release”.

The tweet says that information obtained from the breach is extremely confidential and is under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or is classified as Restricted. The individual posted a list of contents in the breached data, adding that “jucier and more classified stuff” will be posted in the future. Contents in the list include “Kaby Lake BIOS reference code, Binaries for Camera drivers Intel made for SpaceX” and more. There is also information on upcoming processor generations, which could be damaging considering the implications of the code falling into the wrong hands.

The Twitter user also hinted at potential “backdoor” information being present in the files obtained by breaching Intel’s systems. Zip folders that are protected can reportedly be opened by using passwords like “Intel123” or “I accept” according to the information in the documents. It is not clear if the references relate to solutions for the backdoor, or active threats and vulnerabilities.

Though the data and files may not make sense for most users, it could be misused by bad actors to dig through any potential vulnerabilities. Considering that the list contains roadmaps and references of unannounced processor generations, the information poses a security risk since the IP could be used to craft malware that leverages any possible loopholes. The folks over at TomsHardware reached out to Intel for comment and the company has said that it is “investigating the situation”.

Though we link to the tweet which also contains the links to the repository in the thread, it is best to not access unknown files owing to any security risks.

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