MCE takes step towards Home Entertainment Network

Hewlett-Packard's new computer is a space-saving, entertainment-gobbling wonder that lets you watch TV via a 17-inch flat-screen computer monitor, record television to a hard disk, burn DVDs, make a slide show out of your digital pictures, and play music with a touch of your remote control.

But college roommates hoping to save some space, families that want a new primary PC with lots of punch, or siblings trying to get their parents to buy a computer they can all use may want to skip it.

Sometimes, the Media Center PC is a lot of everything, but just not enough. Other times, this computer is too much. Either way, it is a niche device for the nouveau riche or high-tech cool.

The Media Center PC is meant to be a television, computer, video recorder and stereo all in one. While anyone can use it as a normal computer, the Media Center's best features work while you are leaning back in your couch. Pick up the remote control that comes with the computer and open a menu for television, movies, photos and music.

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