Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil heading to PSN

It appears as though two of the original PlayStation's most beloved games are coming to the PSN Store, following the premature publication of their ratings by the ESRB.

The digital release of both Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil is likely to be imminent after the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) issued ratings for the classic titles. Originally released in the late 1990s, both games will eventually be available for digital purchase via the PSOne Classics store on PSN.

The service is a popular feature amongst PlayStaion 3 owners, allowing them to download and play nostalgic titles on both their PS3 and PSP. Whilst Resident Evil has been available to download since 2006 in Japan, Sony have been reluctant to add some of the more popular titles to their US and European stores.

Spec: Ops: Covert Assault, Spec Ops: Ranger Elite and Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six also received ratings and should also be available soon.

If this leak does indeed turn out to be true, then demand for the release of Final Fantasy VII is only bound to be cranked up a notch.

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