Micorosoft To-Do's multiple account support now rolling out to all Windows 10 users

Microsoft To-Do has been receiving timely updates that bring with it new features and polishes that improve functionality. Over the last year, the app has raked up features such as the ability to make shared lists, Cortana integration, support right into the company’s Android launcher and more. This year has been no slow one yet, with the firm bringing pinnable lists, file attachment capabilities, and more nifty additions to the app.

However, the support for multiple accounts only recently made it to the Windows 10 app through an update for Windows Insiders. That changes today, as an update is rolling out to all Windows 10 users that brings the capability.

Version 1.51.2512.0 of the To-Do app on Windows 10 brings with it the ability to switch between accounts without having to log out of an existing account to log in to the other. This is a welcome addition for users that have separate accounts for work and personal use. Switching between accounts is as simple as clicking on the account name and selecting the desired account from the dropdown menu.

Support for multiple accounts has been available on the Android version of the app for a few months. The addition of this feature will be much appreciated by users that rely on the app on both, phones and the PC. However, the feature has not yet made it to the iOS app. The company has been swift with bringing parity between the various platforms, so it might not be too long before the feature makes it to iOS.

You can download the app from the Microsoft Store here on Windows 10, Android’s Play Store here and the iOS App Store here.

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