Microsoft adds three known issues to Windows 10 build 17063

Earlier this week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17063. Being the first new build in almost a month, it contains a ton of new features. But naturally, so many new features means a lot of known issues as well.

As you might expect, not all of those issues are known when the build is first released, and the changelog often gets amended over time. This is one of those times, as last night, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc said that three more issues were added.

  • ADDED 12/21: While navigating through OOBE, some of the buttons in the pages may not display correctly. In case of running into this, use the keyboard and tab forward through the page’s controls, or hover over blank areas of the screen and buttons will be rendered in the process. This should unblock you and allow you to continue through the OOBE flow.

  • ADDED 12/21: We are investigating reports that Windows shows that it “needs activation” and trying to activate fails after upgrading to Build 17063.

  • ADDED 12/21: Audio may not work in certain apps like Firefox after upgrading to Build 17063.

The issue with Firefox and other apps like Audacity is something that we reported on a couple of days ago. Many users have also experienced issues with installing the build, although some have found that removing storage devices and USB peripherals solves the issue.

Build 17063 is going to be the last Fast ring build that we see before the new year, and many employees are already on vacation. With that being the case, it may take some time for these issues to be worked out.

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