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Microsoft announces Mixer Academy to support streamers and moderators

Microsoft unveiled today the Mixer Academy, a new program meant to help community members build their profile, earn badges, and grow their knowledge of the platform. The program offers three unique course tracks for streamers, moderators, and power users, respectively.

For content creators and streamers, Mixer Academy provides the Streamer track containing some basic guidelines for growing your community and social media presence and expanding your professional network. The Mixer Handbook is also available for everyone looking to learn everything about Mixer Academy.

There's also the Moderator track for individuals who want to provide assistance to their fellow streamers. This course is complete with tools necessary to support streamers and keep the community safe for everyone. For the general Mixer viewers, a distinct track is available for learning the proper ways of reporting misconduct on the platform and keeping profiles updated.

In the future, Microsoft plans to add more course tracks to Mixer Academy, some of which will come from Mixer partners. The company is also soliciting feedback from the public regarding ideas for new tracks and comments on the new program. You can now start with a course track of your choice by heading over to the Mixer Academy website and logging in with your Mixer account that's linked to your Microsoft account.

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