Microsoft announces two new Dynamics 365 apps and other updates

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 service offers an ever-growing set of AI tools that helps businesses manage many aspects of their business, such as customer and sales insights. Today, Microsoft announced that it's expanding the feature set with a few new capabilities later this year.

Most notably, there are two new Dynamics 365 apps coming, Dynamics 365 Finance Insights and Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The first is coming to customers in preview form in May, and it brings AI into the finance department. Microsoft says the tool will allow businesses to quickly act on their cash position, as well as take actions proactively to improve it. It can automate or remove menial tasks that take up valuable time so customers can focus on more important aspects of the business.

The other new app is Dynamics 365 Project Operations, which aims to connect "cross-functional project teams", and it's a sort of combination of Microsoft Project and Dynamics 365. It offers visibility, insights, and collaboration across the different teams that are working on a project in order to optimize the project development. The app will be generally available on October 1.

Microsoft has also introduced some improvements to existing parts of Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can now "enrich" profiles using data from third-party sources, as well as Microsoft's own Forms Pro. With this additional information, Microsoft says the app can create a holistic view of a customer and keep their profile updated in real-time with information from its multiple data sources. What's more, Microsoft has said that, as part of its wave 1 release, it's bringing Customer Insights to Government Cloud Computing (GCC) customers, making this toolset available to governmental agencies and potentially improving experiences for citizens.

Finally, Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Insights are getting new manual and automated forecasting capabilities, which can help businesses understand user engagement with their products and offerings. Dynamics 365 builds these forecasts based on CRM data, current and historical leads, and much more, which it then projects into the future. The insights can also be accessed and understood by anyone, so you shouldn't need a data scientist to figure it out.

Unlike the brand-new apps, these updates are available today, so you may want to check them out.

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