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Microsoft backs Eidos after senator attacks publisher

Microsoft has backed Eidos after a US senator declared that its gang warfare title 25 to Life "lowers common decency", while the British publisher has reacted by saying that it believes videogame are a creative form and that the ratings systems in place to govern them should be allowed to do their job. "25 to Life was developed for a mature audience and has been rated so it will be sold only to the appropriate audiences," Microsoft said in a statement.

Earlier Charles Schumer, senator for New York, came out seeking ban of the game in the New York area, and pleaded with Microsoft and rival platform holder Sony, responsible for the PlayStation 2 console, to prevent its release. Sony had yet to comment on Mr Schumer's comments at the time of publication, but Microsoft was quick to react this morning, contradicting the senator's implication that the game was designed for and marketed to children.

News source: GamesIndustry.biz

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