Microsoft Bing Chat expands to 300 daily turns and 30 in-session turns

Microsoft Bing chat

Microsoft has not expanded the limit for the number of daily and in-session chat turns in its Bing Chat chatbot since mid-March. At that time, the company tested going up to 200 daily chat turns and 20 in-session chat turns before making that new limit permanent.

Now, the Bing Chat team has finally pushed up those chat turn limits to a new level. Microsoft's Head of Engineering and Product for Bing, Jordi Ribas, confirmed on Twitter that users can enjoy up to 300 chat turns per day, along with up to 30 in-session chat turns.

Of course, we do have to wonder when and if Bing Chat will ever get unlimited turn chat sessions. That remains to be seen but for now, we will take this expansion in chat turns.

Microsoft seems to be adding more and more new features and improvements to Bing Chat at a much more rapid pace compared to Google's updates for its competing Bard chatbot. Last week at Microsoft Build 2023, it revealed a large number of companies that are developing third-party plugins for Bing Chat. It also added Bing Chat support inside the SwiftKey app and launched the Android widget last week as well.

Microsoft is also preparing for even more updates to Bing Chat during the month of June. That includes improvements in Bing Chat's disengagement rate, along with improvements for the AI art generator Bing Image Creator. Perhaps the biggest upcoming feature is a possible experiment to add Bing Chat support for web browsers other than Microsoft Edge.

That should allow Bing Chat to expand its reach to many more people who either cannot access or simply don't want to use, Microsoft Edge as their web browser.

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