Microsoft commits to ultra low-end phones; launches new Nokia 130

Microsoft may be killing off the Nokia X range and transitioning devices to Windows Phone but that doesn’t mean the company is out of the low-end market completely. In fact, Microsoft is launching a new ultra low-end Nokia 130.

As Recode reports, The Nokia 130 is destined for developing markets and first time mobile phone owners. This device is priced at $25 (19 Euros) off contract and is nothing more than a regular dumb phone. The Nokia 130 doesn’t have internet connectivity though it does support digital movies and music. The device is destined to sit in between the Nokia 105 and the Nokia 220.

All of these phones are designed specifically for the very low-end of the market. Jo Harlow, Microsoft’s phone unit VP, explained:

More than a billion people don’t have a cell phone [and] Microsoft doesn’t have any other project that can reach these consumers

Of course getting a billion people to use your devices, and in some cases your internet services, is good business. Harlow went on to say that Microsoft is committed to this part of the business, which is apparently growing.

Of course we’ve heard that before but if the company is truly committed it means these phones will stick around for the foreseeable future.

Source: Microsoft ,  Recode | Image via Microsoft

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