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Microsoft's new 'hyperlapse' technology will change the game for timelapse videos

We have all seen them, videos taken from a GoPro of someone doing something absurd and we love being able to view it from a first-person perspective. But sometimes, even these videos can become a bit sterile and you tune out rather quickly.

Microsoft has created a new technology that it is calling 'hyperlapse' and as you can see in the video above, it takes ordinary video and gives it new life in a way a traditional timelapse, cannot. 

The technology works by taking multiple frames and using them to create new frames so that transition between frames is smooth, albeit it can be a bit pixilated at times. You can see some of the distortion on the rock-climbing video. Still, it feels a lot like what Microsoft has done with Photosynth, but for video.

The end result is quite impressive and does a much better job than simply speeding up the content. Because the technology can remove the bouncing from videos, especially when used on a head mounted camera, then end result is a quality piece of content.

We hope that Microsoft brings this technology to market and lets the wide world of GoPro users tap into the technology as it makes first person videos far more interesting.

Source: Microsoft

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