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Microsoft Edge could get smoother scrolling on FreeSync panels thanks to a new feature

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Microsoft could be adding a new smooth scrolling feature to its Edge web browser really soon. In the latest Edge Canary build, a new flag called "Boost screen refresh rate when scrolling" has appeared and it is especially interesting as it will utilize the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology to provide this experience. The description of this new feature reads:

Allows Windows to temporarily boost the refresh rate up when scrolling (provided the machine has a VRR panel and a supporting driver). This provides an overall smoother scrolling experience - Windows

Smoother scrolling with the help of Variable Refresh Rate

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) panels like AMD Freesync / G-sync Compatible and G-sync panels are those which can vary their refresh rates across a given range. Such displays do not have a fixed refresh rate output and hence can boost or lower the refresh rates through their VRR ranges to synchronize with the games or the contents' refresh rates as long as it is within that range.

Essentially, this new Edge feature will leverage this technology to bump up the refresh rate when scrolling down or up leading to more smoothness.

The feature could work similarly to how AMD's Radeon Chill does. Chill boosts the refresh rate when the action is heavy and user inputs are higher, but scales down the Hz when there is little or no user input.

Source and image: Leopeva64-2 (Reddit)

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