Microsoft Edge on iOS gets new icon and updated navigation features

Last week, Microsoft made updates to the beta versions of its Edge browser on both the Android and the iOS platform. The major changes brought as part of this move included the new logo unveiled in November and an updated navigation menu that had been in testing for some time. Although these changes were subsequently brought to the general variant of Edge for Android a couple of days back, they have now been introduced to iOS as well.

The latest version, 44.11.9, has become available today for all users, and its changelog reads as follows:

• A new look and feel, plus an updated navigation for easier access to features like search, favorites, and more

We’ve also made some general bug fixes and performance improvements.

The major change, as expected, is the new control center for improved navigation controls. Tapping the ellipsis in the center of the navigation bar now brings up a fair few options including settings, history, favorites, and more for quicker access.

Notably, these changes were initially expected to be made generally available on January 15, which is the day on which Edge Chromium is set to launch. However, Microsoft has opted to release this update a week in advance. You can check out the improvements to Edge for iOS by downloading the latest version through the App Store.

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