Microsoft Flight Simulator Tech Alpha starts rolling out, development roadmap gets updated

Microsoft has been providing weekly updates with regards to the progress of its upcoming Flight Simulator title. Earlier this month, the Redmond firm revealed the Tech Alpha 2 release timeline, Feedback Dashboard, and more for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Then, last week, the tech giant announced that its Partnership Announcement Series would be kicking off soon.

Today, Microsoft has begun the process of rolling out access to the first Tech Alpha for the game. Details regarding participation in the testing of this and further builds have been unveiled, along with plenty of other stuff.

For starters, those who were unable to get selected for the first build release have automatically been registered for the next one. In conjunction with this, participation numbers are also planned to be increased in upcoming testing phases. The primary goal of this Build Program has been described as getting "everyone interested in early build testing, actually testing early builds". Though Tech Alpha 2 recruiting looks to be beginning later than anticipated, more information on this will become available though the next development update on October 31.

Moreover, the second episode in the Flight Simulator Feature Discovery Series has been released. This will be focused on the dynamics of the weather system in the game, after the first episode revealed details regarding the 'world'. To check out this episode, or to learn more about and register for upcoming preview builds, you can visit the Insider Area to sign up.

And finally, the development roadmap has also been updated to provide a look at how the title's development may shape up over the next couple of months. Early- and mid-November updates will be targeting further additions to the Flight Simulator media, SDK, and Partnership Announcement Series. The next two episodes of the Feature Discovery Series will also be released this month, and nearing the end of November, Tech Alpha 2 recruiting will begin.

Moving on, previously announced Feedback Snapshots will start rolling out in December, along with further updates for the aforementioned components of Flight Simulator. The final development update for this month will be communicated by Microsoft on October 31.

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