Microsoft Garage has created a lightweight email solution, Email Insights

Microsoft's Garage has received a lot of acclaim over the years for its out-of-the-box innovations including the Word Flow keyboard, Arrow launcher, Next Lock Screen and more recently, the "thing collection" app Now, the group has come up with a lightweight email solution that provides a smooth search experience from your Outlook and Gmail accounts.

Inlook Team, a Garage unit from India, has brought us a sleek email search client that syncs up your Outlook and Gmail accounts to bring you quick search results. The client, which was initially a hackathon project, consists of a helpful auto-complete, spell correct, as well as "fuzzy name search" which means that it fills out a user's query even before they have finished typing it. Additionally, it sports tabbed email searches and quick commands to make the experience faster and easier to use. The team describes the motivation behind the application as the chasm between the email search experience and the web search experience.

The company notes:

Searching through emails can be tedious at times. You might have to keep scrolling to find that elusive email. We present a lightweight no-frills email application to alleviate these problems.

Salient Features

  • Light-weight email application focused on search.
  • Mix of Relevance and Recency based results.
  • Guided search through Email Autocomplete, Fuzzy person name search.
  • Commands for quick action.
  • Tabbed UI for convenience.

The client allows you to view and compose emails while also giving you an option to mark the result as relevant or irrelevant. You can also invite other users to download the app by typing "#invite @" followed by the user's email address in the search bar. There are quite a few other commands, shortcuts and relevant information about the project available in the UserGuide of the project as well.
You can download Email Insights from the Windows Store here.

Source: Microsoft via Thurrott

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