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Microsoft gives highest Gamerscore holder first lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership

You may think your Xbox Live Gamerscore is high among your circle of Xbox 360 and Xbox One friends, but the man who can truly say his score is higher than anyone else got a big surprise as part of Microsoft' New York City launch of the Xbox One Thursday night.

Ray Cox IV, who goes by the Xbox Live Gamertag "Stallion83", currently holds the world record (confirmed by the Guinness company) for the highest Xbox Live Gamerscore. His goal is to reach the 1 million mark and as of Sunday, his Gamerscore on Xbox Live is now over 953,000. He has achieved such a huge score in part by playing Xbox 360 games that were not released for the U.S. market, along with Xbox Live scores that came from mobile games.

The final results impressed Microsoft so much, they invited Cox to attend the company's big Times Square launch event for the Xbox One this week. The Spike TV Xbox One launch show had Cox on camera talking with Microsoft's Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb about his accomplishment.

Hryb then surprised Cox with two gifts during the broadcast. One of the gifts was a rare white Xbox One launch team console. The other gift is something Microsoft has never given anyone else. Hryb handed Cox a box that inside contained the first ever lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership.

Cox was clearly in shock to be presented with such a unique item and later posted an image of the lifetime membership card on his Twitter feed, saying it was the "best gift ever" from the Microsoft Xbox team. By the way, another statement on his Facebook page claims that the card itself is 24k gold.

Source: Ray Cox on Twitter | Images via Ray Cox

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