Microsoft has announced Windows Embedded 8 Volume Licensing

Microsoft has announced a new volume licensing option to obtain specific versions of Microsoft’s Windows Embedded 8 operating systems. This is the first time that technologies from Windows Embedded have been available directly to the enterprise from Microsoft.

Microsoft says that the new volume licensing options will allow enterprise customers the opportunity to upgrade their existing Windows Embedded software to Windows Embedded 8 seamlessly without the need for upgrading their device.

By allowing enterprise users direct access to Windows Embedded 8, for example, a retailer who has multiple kiosks built by multiple vendors can now upgrade the devices themselves to one common platform and no longer needs to depend on their vendor to upgrade their hardware.

For those who use Windows Embedded, the update to the volume license purchasing options will surely come as a welcomed feature for the platform. While we know not all of you use Windows Embedded at your homes, more than likely, you encounter the platform when out shopping or during your daily routines.

You can head on over to the source link below to learn more about the update to the licensing program to see if your organization is able to take advantage of the new program.

Source: Microsoft

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