Microsoft is showing yet another advertisement in Windows 10, this time for Chrome users

At this point, users should be used to seeing advertisements on Windows 10. Anyone who uses a browser other than Edge likely sees notifications that they'd get better battery life with the company's in-house browser, and let's not forget about all of the placeholders for Windows Store apps.

There's a new ad, and this one is directly targeted at a third-party app: Google's Chrome browser. Unlike previous ones that would try to steer the user toward Edge, this advertisement doesn't try to take you away from Chrome at all; instead, it suggests that you install Microsoft's Personal Shopping Assistant extension.

Brad Sams of received a statement from Microsoft regarding whether or not to expect more content like this:

We are always testing new features and information that can help people enhance their Windows 10 experience

The advertisements seem to have begun four days ago, if the reviews for the extension are any indication. Of the 18 reviews that are shown on the listing, six of them are within that timeframe, and as you might guess, they're all one-star. If you're actually interested in the extension though, previous ratings are pretty positive.

While Microsoft says that it's "always testing new features", one would think that due to the negative feedback here, this practice would stop; however, one would also have thought that about the advertisements to switch to Edge.

Source: Myce via Thurrott

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